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Three Effortless Ways To Lower Your Homeowners Insurance Rate

When it comes to lowering the rate people pay for their homeowners insurance, many people think of elaborate strategies to save money. Some people shop around and receive quotes from several other providers, while others go through the process of having home security systems installed. Although these approaches can often be successful, they're not always practical if you're extremely short on time. If your spare time is at a premium, however, there are still ways you can get a lower homeowners insurance rate. It all begins with picking up the phone, speaking to your insurance agent and discussing a few key areas. Often, a short phone conversation can translate into significant savings.

Your Loyalty

The ease with which homeowners insurance customers can switch providers is notable -- and many insurance companies have addressed this issue by introducing loyalty discounts for their loyal customers. Figure out how long you've been with your insurance company and, if you're coming up to an anniversary, ask if you're eligible for a loyalty discount. Each company has different regulations on when it awards this type of discount, and if you're not currently eligible, your agent will tell you how long you have to wait. If this is the case, enter this information in your phone so you'll get an alert when it's time to call to ask about the discount, even if it's a year or two down the road.

Your Deductible

Increasing your homeowners insurance deductible is one way to get a lower insurance rate without a significant investment of time. All you need to do is confirm your current deductible and talk to your agent about how much money you'd save by increasing this amount by certain increments. Think, too, about how frequently you've made a claim in the past. A lack of claims doesn't mean that you won't need to file a claim in the future, but if you've gone several years without a claim or never made one, you can often feel comfortable increasing your deductible.

Your Payment Schedule

Adjusting your homeowners insurance payment schedule is a quick, easy way to keep more money in your pocket. Paying this bill at the start of each month is convenient but doesn't offer the best savings. Instead, inquire about paying for the year of coverage in one installment at the start of each year. Doing so requires a quick switch to your payment schedule and very little time invested -- plus, you'll save time by only thinking about one bill per year instead of 12.

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