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About Getting SR-22 Insurance For Reinstating A Driver's License

Are you guilty of committing a lot of offenses that led to your driving privileges being taken away? If you intend on getting your driver's license reinstated, you might be required to get SR-22 insurance first depending on the laws in the state that you reside in. Take a look at the article below to find out more about SR-22 insurance so you will understand what to expect if it becomes necessary for you to obtain it.

SR-22 Insurance is Often Required as a Safety Measure

When you have committed driving offenses to the point of getting your driving privileges suspended, the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) does not take reinstating the license lightly. The first thing that you must understand about SR-22 insurance is that it is not actual coverage and is simply a safety measure that's in place for high-risk drivers. Basically, SR-22 insurance will give the DMV assurance that you have at least minimum auto insurance coverage to assist other drivers financially if you cause an accident.

You Must Already Have Coverage to Get SR-22 Insurance

When you get at least the minimum of liability auto insurance coverage, simply ask to apply for a certificate of responsibility and the insurance company will handle the process from there. The reason you cannot apply for an SR-22 certificate without insurance coverage is because the insurance company is responsible for sending the certificate to the DMV after you have paid for it. Once the DMV has received the certificate of responsibility, your license will be reinstated shortly after. Make sure that you have talked to the DMV about reinstating your driver's license before applying for SR-22 insurance, as you can't simply apply for the certificate and get your driving privileges back.

You Will Be Obligated to Keep SR-22 Insurance for Several Years

You will have to maintain SR-22 insurance for several years, and the specific duration depends on the laws in your state. If you happen to break the law and commit another serious driving offense, the certificate of responsibly that is in place will no longer be valid if the DMV determines that you need a new one. Needing a new certificate likely will mean that you must maintain the coverage for a longer duration than the previous one. Obtain auto insurance coverage and then try to get your driver's license reinstated so you can enjoy the privilege of driving again.