Choosing Insurance Doesn't Have To Be Stressful

Discovering New Insurance Agencies, Where To Look For Them, And Why You Might Want Policies With Them

Most of the big names in insurance are well-recognized, well-advertised and well-promoted, but what about smaller insurance agencies? Smaller insurance agencies are owned and operated by parties that are not affiliated with, or directly tied to, the big insurance companies. Often these smaller agencies can provide types of coverage and pricing that the bigger ones do not or cannot. If buying a policy with a smaller agency sounds promising to you, here is how to discover them/where to look for them, and more reasons why you might want policies with them.

How to Discover/Where to Look for Newer, Smaller Agencies

Because newer agencies usually do not have a large budget yet for marketing and advertising, the owners/agents may have to find locations and events in the community to announce their opening and operations to the public. If you attend any local events, such as a farmer's market or a city festival downtown, new insurance agencies may be working the crowds with a booth or passing out fliers as people pass by the vendors' stands. Community message boards may also have information or flyers posted from smaller, independent agencies who are attempting to advertise using many of the old-fashioned ways until they can afford a larger advertising budget.

Additionally, you might look for smaller agencies via an insurance broker. The broker has access to unlimited information on almost every existing insurance company and/or agency in the state and at the national level. You do not have to work with or through the insurance broker, but you can request this information from a broker. Then approach these insurance agencies directly to buy your policies instead of through the broker's office.

Why You Might Want a Policy Through a Newer, Smaller and/or Independent Agency

Newer, smaller, and independent insurance agencies are looking for consumers and looking to please consumers. They are looking to build their customer base while providing products that the larger insurance companies cannot offer or compete with. The owners and operators of these agencies frequently act as underwriters for your policies too, which means they do not have hire or outsource their underwriting to another agent or agency.  As such, you can request insurance policies for your home, vehicles, life and everything in between, and ask these insurance agencies for the specific kinds of coverage and policy riders you want most. While they may not be able to meet every policy need exactly, they do work to get you a policy that is as close to your specifications as they can get. Contact an insurance agency, such as United Counties Insurance Group, for more information.