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Are There Any Benefits To Naming Excluded Drivers On Your Auto Insurance?

Did you know that you can exclude a driver from your policy? Car insurance brokers will ask if anyone in your home has a license and has access to your car. You need to declare them, but it may be worth asking for them to be named as excluded drivers. Here are the benefits of excluding drivers from your policy.

You Save on Premiums Due to Poor Driving Record

If a driver in your home has a poor driving record, you may find your own auto insurance premiums rise because of them. Even if you have no intention of letting them drive the car, the insurance company will know that there is a risk.

Instead of taking the premium hit, you could ask for them to be named as an excluded driver. This makes it clear that they won't drive the vehicle, so there is no need for the insurance company to take on a risk. There are times that there will still be a small fee, but it won't be as high as if you added the driver without exclusions.

This is something you can also do when someone has a license but physically can't drive. They may have a medical condition that prevents them getting behind the wheel.

You Still Get Your Good Driver Discount

If you're able to get a good driver discount, you'll want to take advantage of that. When you have a named driver who doesn't qualify for a discount, you don't get to save some money. In California, a good driver will save at least 20% on their premiums, so you want to do everything you can to save that money.

When you definitely know that the other driver isn't going to need your car, you can exclude them. If the driver is that bad, the insurance company may exclude him/her anyway.

Encourage the Other Driver to Take Responsibility

When the excluded driver is banned from your car, it may encourage him/her to take responsibility for past actions. This could help to change the actions in the future. The driver realizes that there are consequences.

This can also help the driver get insurance of his/her own and learn the value of money. By doing this, the driver is going to be far more responsible with the car.

Excluding a driver isn't allowed in all states and not all insurance companies will say yes. However, it is a possibility and it could help you save money on your auto insurance in the future. Contact a company like Western Insurance Agency for more info.