Choosing Insurance Doesn't Have To Be Stressful

Want To Keep Your Home Fully Protected? Some Insurance Coverages You Should Increase

If you own your own home, you likely have home insurance to cover things like floods, fire, theft, and weather damage. However, there might be other things in your home that are insured, but the coverage may not be enough for what they are worth.  Five of these things are listed below so you can determine if you need to add more coverage.

Rare Coins

If you are a rare coin collector, you may have a very expensive collection in your home. If so, your insurance company likely will cover part of the cost if you were to lose them. Take them to an appraiser to find out what they are really worth so you will know how much insurance you actually need.

Home Office

If you work at home, you know how detrimental it would be if your home office was damaged. Even though your insurance likely covers home offices, the coverage is likely capped. You need to make sure you set the value enough to cover things like all of the hardware you own, such as laptops, printers, computers, and more. You also have to think of the expensive software you may use, such as a photo editing software.

Antique Gun Collection

If you have an antique gun collection, your guns may be worth a lot of money. Take your guns to an antique gun appraiser to get their value. You may be surprised at what they are actually worth.  You can then make sure you have them insured properly.

Valuable Papers

If you keep valuable papers inside your home, such as securities, deeds, passports, digital media, and photos, it would be detrimental if you lost them due to a fire or flood. Passports alone may be more expensive than what your insurance company will cover to replace these items.

Wedding Gifts

If you have recently married, you likely have a lot of wedding gifts. Some of these gifts may be very expensive, such as fine china, expensive jewelry, or maybe airline tickets to a destination you and your spouse have always wanted to visit. The cost to replace just one of these things may be more than what your insurance company would offer you to replace them.

Contact your insurance company and speak with your agent about what coverages are currently set for your policy. Take a list of the things you want covered, as well as the total amount that needs to be set for each item. Check out for more information about home insurance and what it covers.