Want To Keep Your Home Fully Protected? Some Insurance Coverages You Should Increase

If you own your own home, you likely have home insurance to cover things like floods, fire, theft, and weather damage. However, there might be other things in your home that are insured, but the coverage may not be enough for what they are worth.  Five of these things are listed below so you can determine if you need to add more coverage. Rare Coins If you are a rare coin collector, you may have a very expensive collection in your home. [Read More]

Are There Any Benefits To Naming Excluded Drivers On Your Auto Insurance?

Did you know that you can exclude a driver from your policy? Car insurance brokers will ask if anyone in your home has a license and has access to your car. You need to declare them, but it may be worth asking for them to be named as excluded drivers. Here are the benefits of excluding drivers from your policy. You Save on Premiums Due to Poor Driving Record If a driver in your home has a poor driving record, you may find your own auto insurance premiums rise because of them. [Read More]

The Critical Differences Between Auto Insurance and Motorcycle Insurance

Drivers who are cleared to drive both vehicles and motorcycles may be unclear as to whether they need automobile insurance or motorcycle insurance. In fact, automobile insurance and motorcycle insurance are two extremely different products, and individuals with both cars and bikes will need to have both. It shouldn't be assumed that your motorcycle insurance will operate similarly to your auto insurance or vice versa. Motorcycle Insurance Often Deals with Custom Products [Read More]

Why Naming Your Special Needs Child As Your Life Insurance Beneficiary Is A Bad Idea

You want your special needs child to have all the help possible in the event of your death. Naming him or her as your life insurance beneficiary seems like a good idea at the time, but it could be one of the worst things for them. Here's why you want to avoid naming your special needs child as your life insurance beneficiary. No Access to Government Benefits Someone who has more than $2,000 in assets will not be able to get any governmental benefits, according to Life Happens. [Read More]