A Flood Of Insurance: Do You Need Flood Insurance For Your Car?

If you're a homeowner who has just gotten flood insurance for your home, that's good -- you need insurance that covers flooding specifically because homeowner's and renter's insurance policies tend not to cover damage caused by flooding. However, what a lot of people don't realize is that flood insurance won't cover damage to your car. You have to be sure that you're carrying comprehensive coverage on your auto policy -- and not everyone does. [Read More]

3 Things Your Homeowner's Insurance Might Not Cover- And What You Can Do About It

You depend on your homeowner's insurance to protect your home and belongings from a potential disaster. However, it is vital to thoroughly read through your policy so that you know exactly what is covered. Damage or financial losses that result from the following causes is generally not covered by a conventional homeowner's insurance policy. Know what steps to take to ensure you are protected. 1. Flood Related Damage The conventional homeowner's insurance policy does not cover damage caused by flooding. [Read More]

Three Things You Didn't Know Would Increase Your Auto Insurance Rates

If you're shopping for auto insurance, you know it can be pretty confusing trying to figure out why your rates are what they are. There are a lot of factors that go in to figuring our your rates, including your driving history, where you live, how many miles you drive each day, and of course, the vehicle you drive. But there may be several factors at play that you had no idea about. [Read More]

What Types Of Coverage Are Included In Renters Insurance?

Smart homeowners know how important it is to have a homeowner's insurance policy. However, it is just as important to carry a home insurance policy if you are renting a home. While rental property owners often carry insurance that reimburses them for the loss of their rental units, they are not required to carry insurance to reimburse their tenants for the loss of belongings should a fire, flood, theft or other tragic event occur. [Read More]